December 5 libra astrology

These persons who are born on December 5 are vivacious and dynamic personalities. Often they are intensely focused on the experiences they are going through at any moment, and since they generously donate their attention to others, they also want to share their experiences with others. They are very surprised if those who are strictly different in opinion and do not enjoy the same things.

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And this is understandable since they have some secrets up to their sleeves, and discretion is mandatory. Owing to their active and dynamic nature, people born on December 5 are not prone to hesitation and never give up on things, and this is also true for love area of their lives, they act in this way when they find someone who the like very much. Such a position in life and love is globally positive and makes their turbulent life less complicated, but it still encounters a variety of problems for which there is simply no solution. The failures that accompany them in love relationship can be difficult, but a very important experience for these people, who will ultimately enable them to embark on a good fate.

They can be involved with people who are not compatible with them, and they can be in various dysfunctional relationships, and to choose many similar bad partners. We are not saying that being for certain period in negative or at least unproductive relationships is something that will leave a negative imprint on them; but it will not pull out the best of them, having in mind that they have so much to offer.

The best possible scenario for those who are born on December 5 is that they have some experiences in love life, good, bad and ugly; they should not shy away from trying everything once. But entering into series of bad relationships is toxic for them. If they succeed not to enter into the toxic love relationships, and they focus on finding partners who will be excellent and stimulating partners for them, then they have a chance to be happy in love. But we have one more issue that is important here, their self-confidence is sometimes justified, and sometimes it is not, it all depends, but they can successfully act that they are confident.

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The thing that these persons must work on and that touches their careers is the responsibility towards many obligations and taking a realistic attitude toward their business plans. Those people who are born on December 5 can really do a lot and achieve great achievements, that will make an impact to the future generations, but they also know that they make wrong estimates and shake the ground right on the face.

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Their failures usually observe the world through pink glasses and unrealistic views, and this is one part of their personality that must be overcome in a sense that they need to be realistic, in order to progress. For those who are born on this day, it is essential to work slowly and be sure that something better will come out their ideas shortly. Persons born on December 5 are ruled by the number 5 — the number of expansion, and growth, and positive opportunities.

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But, regardless of problems that fate can cause to these people, people born under number 5 have the ability to regenerate quickly, and this is a gift that is especially needed for people born on this day. It is also said, by many Astro-numerological analyses that people who are under the impact of numeral five are considered to be a passionate dreamer, very seductive, though inclined to psychosomatic disorders.

In fact, it gives a profile of a person who hates routine and hard work, and who relies on its lucky and intellect to succeed in life.

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Planetary impact comes from the planet Mercury, a planet that is connected to the speed of thought and change. Jupiter is a sign of the Sagittarius, so the Jupiter-Mercury connection greatly influences people born this day. This means that these people have an optimistic attitude and conviction that what they do is the right thing.

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New York: Penguin. The Zodiac.

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